B72314S2* Series (AdvanceD S14 Compact) Varistors

EPCOS/TDK's B72314S2* are extremely compact and robust varistors with 14 mm disk diameter

Image of EPCOS/TDK's B72314S2* Series (AdvanceD S14 Compact) VaristorsEPCOS/TDK's EPCOS B72314S2* series (AdvanceD S14 compact) of leaded disk varistors covers a wide operating voltage ranging from 175 VRMS to 625 VRMS. The maximum surge current capability of a single pulse current (8/20 µs) is up to 6000 A. They offer a multiple surge current capability of 3000 A at 8/20 µs according to UL 1449, 4th edition, type 5 listed.

The smaller dimensions with the same performance as comparable S14 AdvanceD types are particularly noteworthy. The disk diameters range from 13 mm to 14 mm, a reduction of approximately 3 mm compared to AdvanceD S14 series. The coating of the disks consists of a flame-retardant synthetic resin according to UL 94 V-0. The SIOV varistors are certified according to UL, CSA, VDE, and IEC.

Thanks to the compact dimensions design and outstanding electrical characteristics, the AdvanceD S14 compact types allow space-saving designs for the target applications such as household appliances, smart meters, inverters, and many others.

Features and Benefits
  • Wide operating voltage range from 175 VRMS to 625 VRMS
  • Multiple surge current capability of 3000 A (8/20 µs)
  • Compact dimensions of diameters from 13 mm to 14 mm
  • Coating flame-retardant according to UL 94 V-0
  • Household appliances
  • Smart meters
  • Industrial applications such as inverters
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