ECS-3225MVLC Low Current MultiVolt™ Oscillators

ECS’ ECS-3225MVLC are 3.2 mm x 2.5 mm low current surface mount oscillators ideal for IoT, LoRa WAN, portable, and industrial applications

Image of ECS' ECS-3225MVLC 3.2 x 2.5 mm Low Current MultiVoltTM Oscillator The ECS-3225MVLC series from ECS are HCMOS surface mount oscillators that come in a ceramic 3.2 mm x 2.5 mm x 1.0 mm industry-standard package. These oscillators feature the MultiVolt capability to operate across a supply compatible with +1.8 V, +2.5 V, +3.0 V, or +3.3 V. They also offer a low current consumption of 1.5 mA max. (no load) at 1.8 V 20 MHz. The ECS-3225MVLC has a frequency range of 1 MHz ~ 75 MHz and low standby current of 10 µA. They offer stability of ±25 ppm over a standard temperature range of -40ºC ~ +85ºC with an extended temperature range available.

  • 3.2 mm x 2.5 mm x 1.0 mm package
  • Frequency range: 1 MHz ~ 75 MHz
  • Low current 10 µA standby/2.2 mA < 40 MHz
  • Stability: ±25 ppm at -40ºC ~ +85ºC
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • -40ºC ~ +125ºC extended temperature range available
  • Compatible with +1.8 V, +2.5 V, or +3.3 V supply
  • Low jitter: <150 fs typical
  • IoT
  • Mobile devices
  • Industrial applications
  • Wireless devices
  • LoRa
  • LoRa WAN

ECS-3225MVLC Series MultiVolt™ Oscillators

Picture Brand/Model Description Stock Operate
ECS-3225MVLC-073-CN-TR ECS-3225MVLC-073-CN-TR XTAL OSC XO 7.3728MHZ CMOS SMD 4945 Detail
ECS-3225MVLC-260-BN-TR ECS-3225MVLC-260-BN-TR XTAL OSC XO 26.000MHZ CMOS SMD 7269 Detail
ECS-3225MVLC-480-CN-TR ECS-3225MVLC-480-CN-TR XTAL OSC XO 48.000MHZ CMOS SMD 3947 Detail
ECS-3225MVLC-147.4-CN-TR ECS-3225MVLC-147.4-CN-TR XTAL OSC XO 14.7456MHZ CMOS SMD 1970 Detail
ECS-3225MVLC-260-CN-TR ECS-3225MVLC-260-CN-TR XTAL OSC XO 26.000MHZ CMOS SMD 8996 Detail
ECS-3225MVLC-184-CN-TR ECS-3225MVLC-184-CN-TR XTAL OSC XO 18.432MHZ CMOS SMD 2870 Detail
ECS-3225MVLC-120-CN-TR ECS-3225MVLC-120-CN-TR XTAL OSC XO 12.000MHZ CMOS SMD 4446 Detail
ECS-3225MVLC-240-CN-TR ECS-3225MVLC-240-CN-TR XTAL OSC XO 24.000MHZ CMOS SMD 2742 Detail
ECS-3225MVLC-250-CN-TR ECS-3225MVLC-250-CN-TR XTAL OSC XO 25.000MHZ CMOS SMD 4398 Detail
ECS-3225MVLC-245.7-CN-TR ECS-3225MVLC-245.7-CN-TR XTAL OSC XO 24.576MHZ CMOS SMD 2463 Detail
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