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LMV358B-SR Product Detail

The LMV321B/358B/324B series are CMOS dual, and quad RRIO op-amps with low offset, low power and stable high frequency response. They incorporate 3PEAK’s proprietary and patented design techniques to achieve very good AC performance with 1MHz bandwidth, 0.7V/μs slew rate and low distortion while drawing only 80μA of quiescent current per amplifier. The input common-mode voltage range extends 100mV beyond V– and V+, and the outputs swing rail-to-rail. The LMV321B/358B/324B family can be used as plug-in replacements for many commercially available op-amps to reduce power and improve input/output range and performance. The combination of features makes the LMV321B/358B/324B ideal choices for motor control and portable audio amplification, sound ports, and other consumer Audio. The LMV321B/358B/324B Op-amp is very stable, and it is capable of driving heavy capacitive loads such as those found in LCDs. The ability to swing rail-to-rail at the inputs and outputs enables designers to buffer CMOS DACs, ASICs, or other wide output swing devices in single-supply systems.


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Siruipu Microelectronics Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., abbreviated as 3PEAK, focuses on high-speed, high-precision, low-power, ultra-low noise analog chips and system products. With independent intellectual property rights and continuous innovation, we are committed to providing the market and customers with high-performance, high reliability, and better cost-effectiveness analog chips. Our products cover the industrial field, medical equipment, automotive electronics Various application fields such as communication systems and information security. The use of internationally renowned simulation Foundry located in Israel and the United States, continuous improvement in chip design, and rigorous testing technology ensures the high-performance, high integration, high stability, and powerful simulation products of 3PEAK. From ADC, DAC, to amplifiers, to clock products, our designers are committed to repeatedly scrutinizing every indicator and detail; At the same time, the "3PEAK Laboratory" pursues the best testing technology and exploration of the ultimate application environment for each simulation performance, such as conducting comprehensive testing and research on the nV level noise characteristics of "ultra low noise simulation chips" in the time and frequency domains. 3PEAK has established a strict and comprehensive quality assurance system based on the highest industry standards, ensuring that every product undergoes dozens of rigorous inspections and tests, and has world-class product consistency and reliability. The reliability tests of the "3PEAK Laboratory" products include HTOL high-temperature working life test, HAST high-temperature and high humidity accelerated pressure test, TCT temperature cycling test, ESD test, etc.

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